Honeywaves – With You

It's the vibes, dudes. Meet Honeywaves and their electrifying indie-rock, which will not leave you indifferent.

“With You” is the latest work from the Canadian band Honeywaves. The first chords are immediate of a great vibe that we can only smile.

The band is made up of Chilean Ronny Aguilera (Guitar and Vocals), Émile Tsunezuka (Guitar), Simone Calvé (Bass and Vocals), Emilio Hidalgo (Synth) and Seyjii Schultz (Drums), brings a very fresh and ambitious sound to the table, which will leave no one indifferent.

We feel like we’re on the beach, with a breeze blowing across our faces and immense happiness for being alive, healthy, with family, friends, girlfriends and able to do whatever we want.

And this feeling doesn’t seem to end: the musical attitude of the artists is so positive that from the beginning to the end it seems that they have been with us since the beginning of our lives. The instruments all seem to be in tune, almost on autopilot.
This is the third single from the band, who will release an EP during this summer.

Whether at home, on the beach, driving or in a more complicated task, Honeywaves have the solution to increasing our ego and happiness: and it is with “With You” that we feel happy, accompanied and with infinite greed to conquer the world.

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