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still taken from 140 music video by @divorcecourtt(IG)

Welcome to our new playlist, “Thank God It’s Friday”! We have curated a set of tracks that were recently released by some amazing artists from various genres. Despite not receiving individual coverage, these tracks blend well together and are sure to provide you with a fresh listening experience. From Divorce Court’s upcoming album exploring the psyche to JVLY’s smooth R&B beats, from Junglehammer’s soulful collaboration with Lily Dior to Mirror Figure’s punchy dream-pop, and from Peaceful Faces’ melancholy chamber pop to their impressive brass arrangements, this playlist has something for everyone. So, sit back, relax, and let us take you on a musical journey with these fantastic tracks.

Divorce Court – 140

Lynden Williams, a musician, delves deep into his subconscious mind with his latest album “Two Hours” under the name of Divorce Court. The album is set for release on July 8th, 2023. “140” is one of the tracks from the album, and one that evokes hazy memories from his youth, providing a sacred outlet to explore his sonic pallet. Collaborating with his longtime friend Chase Lambert, who joined the project as a co-producer, they drew inspiration from early chillwave for the album. The tracks blend synths and samples with live instruments, featuring a more prominent vocal style than previous Divorce Court releases.

The album revolves around my personal experience of using psychedelics and therapy to start the process of healing my inner child, although I don’t explicitly state this. I had the pleasure of collaborating with a diverse group of artists, including some who have previously worked with Youth Lagoon, Magic Sword, Petey, and Small Black. Additionally, the album was masterfully produced by Damian Taylor, who has worked with talented musicians such as Temper Trap, Imogen Heap, and Bomba Estereo.

JVLY – ambien

JVLY (pronounced: JULY) is a project from Australian artist Kayle Butler who makes beautifully chilled R&B/Soul music which can be likened to a mix between Jungle, LEISURE, Omar Apollo and Joe Hertz.

Over the last few months, Kayle has been busy working on a collection of new music which he’ll be sharing with us throughout 2023. One of those tracks, “ambien”, came to us and we couldn’t be more pleased. It’s a nice indie-dance groove, filled with an R&B meets nightcore aesthetic. It bops!

Regarding his latest release, here’s what JVLY has to say about it: “ambien‘ however came along one day when I was just trying to get these chords and this bass groove down, and I couldn’t get the “I’m up all night” melody line out of my head when I was playing it. Usually, when that happens, I just keep at it, and so far, I think I have only completely finished the songs I have put out into the world, I don’t really finish my ideas if at a certain point, I don’t think they’ll ever get to a place where they’ll be worth it. That’s probably not so smart either but I can’t do it if I’m not excited about it.

Junglehammer x Lily Dior -Hold On

Junglehammer is a talented Jazz/Soul collective based in Sydney, Australia that unites some of the most accomplished musicians in the genre. The project is spearheaded by the brilliant keyboard players James Guiney and Lindsay Page, who collaborate with renowned artists including saxophonist Jason Morphett, guitarist Serg Demetrijevic, drummer Joe Accaria, and vocalists Lily Dior, Tony Hughes, and Christine Anu. Additionally, the ensemble is further enhanced by the presence of celebrated drummer Chad Wackerman, who adds his world-class musicianship to the mix.

Out today, their latest single “Hold On“, showcases the extraordinary vocal prowess of co-writer Lily Dior. Widely acclaimed as one of Australia’s most exceptional jazz/soul singers and music exports, Dior‘s contribution to “Hold On” elevates the track to new heights. This release comes on the heels of Junglehammer‘s previous successful singles, “Boots” and “Skin 2 Skin“, which captivated audiences with the group’s distinctive and eclectic sound. The ensemble has also announced their highly anticipated album “Right On“, which is scheduled to be released in early May.

Mirror Figure – Leap of Faith

“Music should be fun.” That’s the idea that inspired Los Angeles-based indie rock duo Mirror Figure. Formed in the summer of 2021, Ray Libby and Kaycie Satterfield chase the feelings that initially drew them to music in the first place, crafting a batch of dreamy yet driving songs.

Their second tune, “Leap of Faith“, obeys that idea: it’s dreamy, punchy, driving, and it carries a great chorus. It’s noisy pop! What’s there not to like? Nothing, we believe. You should, then, take a leap of faith and gives this one a go!

Peaceful Faces – Never Been Away

A Brooklyn-based six-piece that combines finger-picked guitar with fanfare-ish brass arrangements, Peaceful Faces began as the solo project of trumpeter, songwriter, and singer Tree Palmedo. Nowadays, it’s a much bigger endeavor: the music is brought to life by Palmedo and an eclectic group that includes Alex Graff (Jess Best, Lawrence), Utsav Lal (also an acclaimed raga and Irish music pianist), Tony Solis (Danae Greenfield), Eladio Rojas (Allegra Kreiger), John Cushing (Sun Young, Marios Nicolaides Trio), and Eric Stilwell (TWIABP).

Recently, Peaceful Faces have released a new record, “Sifting Through The Goo, Reaching For the Candlelight“, and one of the track’s stood-out to us, “Never Been Away“, an epic, melancholy-filled tune, that flows the line between chamber pop and indie rock. It’s a worthy catharsis, we can say.

Regarding “Never Been Away“, the band mention the following: “This is a breakup song from many years ago that we’ve been sitting with for a long time, letting the orchestration evolve as my perspective on the situation has evolved. It’s a funny experience to keep a song alive long after the emotions that sparked it have settled a bit, but it’s a nice way to track your own emotional growth.”

Sad Boys Club – Delicious

Sad Boys Club is a horrible name for a band – but we can excuse it if the music is good. And, well, these London rockers’ do craft some quite solid indie rock for this day and age, and “Delicious” is a prime example.

The second cut to be lifted from the band’s upcoming album Lullabies From The Lightning Tree, out 5th May via Modern Sky, “Delicious” is a neat pop rock tune, influenced by garage rock and, if you can spot it, by some of the more rock escapades of a certain The 1975. It’s muscular, groovy, danceable and filled with youthful energy. One for the jumpers – we ourselves are ones! – to enjoy!

Stef Montanaro – Sober

Stef Montanaro, a 23-year-old singer-songwriter hailing from North London, is set to bring a fresh perspective to the world of Neo-Soul and RnB. Her debut releases tackle sensitive subject matters including woman empowerment, mental health, heartbreak, and self-love, with powerful lyrics accompanied by timeless and jazzy instrumentals. Stef’s infectious hooks are unparalleled in today’s music scene, and her effortless, silky vocals bring a sense of originality that is yet to be heard in the industry. Having taught herself piano and grown up in a family of musicians, Stef draws from her experiences and influences, such as D’Angelo, Jill Scott, Donny Hathaway, and Lauryn Hill, to provide an unforgettable listening experience for her audience.

About her new release, “Sober“, Stef says: “When I wrote “Sober“, the initial meaning of the song came from a place of reflection and regret, which most of us get, when looking back on my antics whilst being under the influence of well, anything. The arguments started, the texts that shouldn’t have been sent, the money that shouldn’t have been spent, and the rest of the chaos that comes with the lifestyle. Now, being almost four months sober, this song has a different meaning to me. Looking back on my journey, this song reminds me that change is possible, and to keep believing in myself that I can overcome anything, and that includes addiction, I hope someone out there can relate to this too

フユフユウ – TRIP

フユフユウ (pronounced: fuyufuyu) are hard to track. They have few followers on social media and yet, like many of their japanese rock contemporaries, they make rock music that is clearly exciting. If one is to look for exciting rock, one must look West – you won’t be disappointed. And “TRIP” is an excellent tune. It’s noisy, filled with energy all-around, terrific guitars riffs and amazing, dreamy singing, that will lift us far above the clouds. This is the best type of pop music – cathartic and noisy. Great tune – but haven’t we said that already?