ZUSO – Higher

From indie dance to atmospheric wonder, "Higher" makes us lighter.

Australian newcomer ZUSO shared about two 10 days ago the stunning atmospheric-based “Higher“, the first of a collection of singles planned to be released this year.

We read that ZUSO’s main goal with its music is to create a dreamy and euphoric ambience for listeners to escape into. Well, “Higher” features a unique blend of fast-paced drum and bass rhythms and dreamy pads and chords that perfectly captures that goal. But more. The sampled cabin crew speech in the breakdowns adds a unique touch that builds anticipation for the climax of the track, which is complemented by the catchy “Take Me Higher” vocal sample. Overall, the track is beyond an atmospheric experience, a contagious one that actually makes us dance along. Above all, this is a feel-good routine like not many others out there, and for that reason also an obligatory experience for any listener.

ZUSO, comprising of solo artist Gabriel Cuenca, is an emerging indie dance and electronic music act. With an exceptional ability to blend addictive songwriting with deep house grooves, ZUSO has received high praise from industry experts such as former Grammy award-winning remixer and producer Dan Konopka. Having accumulated over 70,000 streams on all platforms, ZUSO started his musical journey in his teenage years and has released multiple singles including “Skies” and “Feel Better”. Currently producing as an independent artist, ZUSO is continuously pushing boundaries in the industry and working on new tracks for his growing fan base.

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