Frank Rabeyrolles – Beauty and smile

Sombre but not dark, this is Frank Rabeyrolles' latest!

Frank Rabeyrolles‘ albums and nicknames, such as Franklin and Double U, are no longer counted. It seems that he has moved on to a different era, dedicating himself to his work as an obsessive and frenzied craftsman. His latest album, “Boat Songs“, released on last November, plays with alienation, time and escapism.

Out off “Boat Song“, Frank releases “Beauty and smile“, his latest single. Sombre but not dark, this song encapsulates the entire album. Despite its appearance, “Boat Songs” is not a “heavy” album. Instead, it encourages the listener to embrace a gentle and insightful sense of duality that blends tenderness, rich soundscapes, echoes, melancholy, and optimism. “Boat Songs” can even be compared to a road trip, as it evokes the vast open spaces of California and the psychedelic late sixties era. However, one must be cautious of the ocean before embarking on this journey.

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