Ames Harding – everbloom

A serene, dreamy, and magical journey awaits.

Ames Harding’s latest single “everbloom” is the first of his tracks to entirely hit our radars. Shame on us, we must say. In a music world where originality is something harder and harder to find it is in good times that this crossed our way through.

First of all, “everbloom” is a serene and alluring song that delves into humanity’s fixation with utilizing art to safeguard our environment and fend off mortality. Perhaps as irony or an answer to that, the composition relies on minimal yet vast production, affording the listener ample room for contemplation and emotional resonance.

With the title of the track amplified in the first couple of seconds of it, the listener will take no more than a couple of seconds to dive into the song’s gentle obscurity. Although the James Blake kind of vocals mixed with the same type of melancholy we feel in a Lana Del Rey track, it was probably the slightly funky guitars that feel the most psychedelic and dreamy that push us into the right proportion of feel. And as we listen to it more and more everything turns more blurry in real life and more dreamy and part of the track. If that is not the feeling of great music, it’s just some kind of magic that Ames Harding produces.

About Ames Harding:

In 2017, multi-instrumentalist C.A. Harding launched Ames Harding, his first solo project. With the aim of delving into his musical roots, Harding blended folk, psychedelic, and world music to create a distinctive sound. Raised in Egypt, India, and Latin America by an Americana musician parent, Harding’s songwriting journey was inspired by the unique sonic cultures he encountered. Four Pittsburgh-based musicians joined Ames Harding in 2021, transforming it into a band that focuses on improvisation and heavy grooves to breathe life into the dynamic songs. Ames Harding’s debut album, “Dance of the Red Flower“, was released in March 2022. Recorded live in an abandoned church in Wilkinsburg with horn accompaniment, the album showcases the band’s impressive range and technical prowess. The songs are connected by rich sonic landscapes, unconventional song structures, and surreal lyrical motifs.

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