Sleepy Soul – Disappear

It is more time to reappear than to disappear. Meet Sleepy Soul and one of their latest singles, Disappear.

From St. Louis, in the United States, to the world, today Michael LeFevre and Nick Hummel’s project reaches our ears in Portugal. And it is with Sleepy Soul and “Disappear”, that we feel ourselves dreaming, thinking about the past, present and future of everything around us.

The dreamy premise is put to the test by the duo, with the love context coming up: Sleepy Soul are in love – and that anxiety of wanting to be with the right person, at that moment, at that time, is very evident in every corner of the song: it’s not pop, it’s not rock, not even indie-rock – it’s a dream where the artists’ voices blend with the instruments, ranging from drums, guitar, bass or synths.

The total mixture of styles reminds us of everything from Unknown Mortal Orchestra to The Black Keys: a breath of fresh air in international music and a source of pride and inspiration for generations to come.

Our heads spin around the song and, at this moment, we feel in love with everything we’re hearing.  “Disappear” is another please, reappear in our heads and we can’t stop listening. A WtMM recommendation.

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