Marika Christine – Apricot

Apricot is trance-like, trippy and human!

Marika Christine hails from San Francisco, California, and she is a talented musician and songwriter. Her artistic inspiration draws from the complexities of human relationships, the beauty of nature, and the diverse experiences of the human condition. Her debut EP, “Puzzle World“, was digitally released in 2021 and has since been re-released on cassette by Ghost Mountain Records.

Marika‘s upcoming album, “Soft Like an Apricot“, on Ghost Mountain Records includes the second single, “Apricot.” The song combines playful synth tones, unique vocals, trippy production, and an odd time signature to create an immersive and introspective experience, reminiscent of artists such as Stereolab and indie songwriters like Alice Phoebe Lou, and aiming to create a trance-like atmosphere that draws the listener inward.

During a challenging period marked by depression and a lack of motivation to leave the house, Christine wrote the lyrics for “Apricot“, which allowed her to reflect on the ways in which trauma can affect the body. The lyrics explore the duality of being both “soft like an apricot” and “sharp like a cactus“, highlighting the complexity of the human experience.

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