Kate Lomas – Say It

We feel Kate Lomas means every word in her latest, and delicate, "Say It".

Oh, say it like you mean it” and we do feel she means every word.

Kate Lomas has graced us with her latest single, “Say It“, a gorgeous indie pop gem that, once again, showcases the vulnerability of her songs and the simplicity of her vocals.

Moving away from her signature synth-pop sound, “Say It” boasts an organic feel that emphasizes the satisfying simplicity of its two-chord guitar line and stripped-back drum beat. The track serves as a snapshot of Lomas’ growth, both as an artist and a person, and is more mature in its sound and style than her previous single, “Lemonade“. It feels like the perfect soundtrack to a summer road trip, with no particular destination in mind.

Originally a bonus track on the vinyl edition of her “Party Tricks” EP, this is a track now being released as the lead single from her upcoming EP, “A Pocketbox Full Of Love“. This new release marks a change in direction for the London-based singer and producer as she embraces a much warmer and more vulnerable sound in her music.

About Kate Lomas:

To truly understand who Kate Lomas is, it takes more than just reading a bio. Her music is a mix of ethereal soundscapes and sweet vocals, searching for something bigger and brighter than what’s around us. It’s a constant reach for something just out of grasp, but that’s the sweet spot. Her music will make you feel a little bit tipsy, dreamy, and sad, but not enough to stop dancing or crying about it. Losing yourself in a song is like seeing life through bubblegum-tinted glasses, and Kate is a fake pop star who embraces that mentality. Her music is a reminder that we all just want to let loose and forget our inhibitions for one more night. We wrote about Kate a couple of times already and you can read more about her here and here.

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