Jake Isaac – When It Hurts

With "When It Hurts", Jake Isaac embraces the vulnerability that comes with love and loss, fear and failure, hope and helplessness.

Jake Isaac‘s musical journey began in church, where he was influenced by his father, Rev. Les Isaac OBE, the founder of Street Pastors, a community charity initiative in Brixton. With years of practice, he developed his skills as a multi-instrumentalist, and in his teens, he pursued a career as a musician, songwriter, and marketer, recognizing the significance of connecting with his songs. In 2017, he released his first album, “Our Lives“, and since then, he has achieved significant milestones, including the release of his second album “Honesty” (which was followed by a Deluxe Edition) in 2021, and a landmark performance on Glastonbury’s Other Stage, which has amassed over 150 million streams to date.

Jake‘s latest single, “When It Hurts“, showcases the strengths of his upcoming album in just three minutes. Jake‘s soulful baritone blends seamlessly with Jack Savoretti’s warm rasp as the two explore the complexities of love. This contemporary soul track has broad pop appeal and serves as a preview of the riches to come on the album. With “For When It Hurts“, Jake initiates conversations about topics that men often keep hidden. He embraces the vulnerability that comes with love and loss, fear and failure, hope and helplessness, providing a safe space and a touching antidote to the current trend of toxic masculinity. The album features an authentic soul voice infused with the classic craftsmanship of jazz arrangements and orchestral, semi-classical flourishes, with Jake producing and recording every instrument himself.

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