Tonton AI – Vamos todos dançar

Let's all dance, it's a volunteering direction by Tonton AI that can soon turn viral.

Julie Oona, the renowned French director known for her collaborations with Angèle, Lomepal, Jacques, L’Impératrice, and Lewis OfMan, directed the music for “Vamos todos dançar” (Portuguese for “let’s dance everyone”), the latest track from French project Tonton AI.

Having visited Brazil several times in the past decade, the artist drew significant inspiration from the country in crafting their latest track. Infused with a vibrant energy, the song is both danceable and melodic, evoking a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re listening on your daily commute, at a casual gathering, or amidst the booming speakers of a massive festival, the track’s sunny disposition is sure to bring a smile to your face from the first few seconds.

The music video features a diverse cast of Tonton Al‘s who share a common passion for dance and living in the moment, portrayed through an array of vibrant colours.

Tonton AI is Alexis Camous. a character who likes to wear various hats. Founder of the record label Cookie Records, which he runs during the day while locking himself in the studio at night to work on this individual project.

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