Someday River – I’ll Wait

Art rock, folk and honesty, meet Someday River gift in the form of music.

Greyson Paul Charnock created Someday River as a musical project. The band is primarily classified as art rock and incorporates various genres, including folk and psychedelia. Charnock’s lyrics often explore themes such as duality, paradox, forgiveness, fortitude, existential uncertainty, self-revelation, and impermanence.

We’re releasing this as we leave for a tour to SXSW. The first single from our upcoming LP, due later this year“. With not much more than this, they sent us the incredible “I’ll Wait“. It’s like music should always talk louder than words. And this track is definitely the perfect example of that.

Indie-rock in the true understanding of the word. But also gallant in the way it mixes breathing hooks and gorgeous folky elements that had the capacity of prevention to the track, everything about “I’ll Wait” is gorgeous, meticulous, precious, capable and rewarding. We can feel that Fleet Foxes depth and also that War on Drugs dynamic.

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