SHADEEMUS – House of Craft

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SHADEEMUS is a musical concept that aims to construct a sonic galaxy with a narrative. Founding members Shaquille Thompson, known as Scott Xylo, and Adam Martin crossed paths while working in a coffee shop in Leicester, bonding over their mutual appreciation of Pink Floyd and Gorillaz. In January 2020, they joined forces and gave birth to an intriguing fusion – SHADEEMUS. In February of the same year, they welcomed their third member, Ade Balogun, or Demigosh, a performance artist and vocalist of Pan-Irish Nigerian descent, whom they met at a concert in November 2019. Demigosh’s vocals complemented Xylo’s sampling and bass, and Adam’s guitar to produce a soulful and harmonious blend of psych-rock and funk, culminating in their debut single, “Desert Days“. In just two days, the trio created their debut EP, “Arakis“, inspired by Dune, which established the story’s direction.

House of Craft” is a captivating blend of melancholic rock, jazz, trip-hop, and soul woven into a vintage 90s tapestry heavily influenced by Portishead, Tricky, and King Krule. The track’s haunting, wailing vocals, the solitary piano, and romantic strings set a sombre tone as Demigosh delves into his drug-induced thoughts, confessing his addictions and toxic tendencies to his love. The song reaches a crescendo with a poignant guitar solo by Adam Martin before fading into the infinite abyss. This track is part of a more extensive EP titled “Dagobah“, which is inspired by the Star Wars planet and will be the fifth EP released by SHADEEMUS.

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