Moglii feat. LissA feat. Kordz – “More & More”

Electro-pop at its finest. Moglii keeps giving us with "More & More"

pic by @palomagarciadejuan (IG)

Song after song, Moglii release calendar seems to be immune to the outer world or to grow alongside its happenings. The latest track, entitled “More & More” is another gorgeous mix of pop and electronic music that enchanted us from the first moment and kept growing as we obsessively listen to it.

Featuring both LissA and Kordz, this is a track that starts with the deep electronic vocals of Moglii contrasting with the more pop and less electric vocal nuances of LissA. The track has a very friendly-commercial progression that still feels highly danceable and feel-good. As it progresses the commercial vibes are more hidden and the deeper disco vibe is more flagrant. There is also a strong lyrical strength that draws the listener into the chorus every single time. The evident house and tropical feels are also a good reason for the very catchy feeling in this. In sum, we want more and more of it.

About Moglii:

Moglii, a music project, is the brainchild of Simon Ebener-Holscher – a Cologne-based producer, songwriter, and jazz pianist. He meticulously crafts a distinctive style, termed “organic electronic”, which merges contemporary warm beats, analogue synthesizers, and soulful vocal samples. His compositions also feature live instrumentation (violin, saxophone, trombone, etc.) and atmospheric soundscapes (field recordings, nature sounds, etc.), with his own vocals increasingly taking centre stage. His futuristic pop sound draws inspiration from acclaimed artists such as Mura Masa, James Blake, and Bon Iver.

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