Elena Shirin – Keep Walking

Positivity and realism, the latest indie pop wonder by Elena Shirin gives us the true silver lining.

Elena Shirin’s “Keep Walking” offers a powerful antidote to the overwhelming heaviness that pervades our surroundings.

Through a combination of combative positivity and realistic perspective, Elena Shirin inspires listeners to have confidence and navigate challenges with grace. Her personal journey of self-discovery provides comfort and a sense of groundedness that can be hard to find in today’s world. Shirin’s message resonates with the struggle of staying focused amidst countless distractions, learning to discern the noise, and staying committed to one’s mission every day.

In “Keep Walking” we feel the strength of a track that is perfectly produced to feel whole and that makes us able to focus on every single word Elena says. The perfect way she tells it too. The track distils pop infused with R&B elements and smiles of Jazz that bring Corinne Bailey Rae to the mind. There is a true crescendo in the whole track and as we keep engaged the sort-of healthy repetition in the chorus gets in so naturally we are signing it along in no time.

About Elena Shirin:

Elena Shirin is a rising star in the Austrian pop scene, known for her raw talent and exceptional voice. With a background in vocal training at the prestigious Anton Bruckner University Linz, she quickly gained recognition as a featured artist on various electronic music projects worldwide. Despite not having released much of her own music in her early 20s, Elena ventured to the United States and toured with acts like Moon Hooch, amassing a wealth of diverse experiences. These experiences have helped shape her unique sound and artistic vision.

Unfortunately, Elena’s solo debut album, “From A to Be” was released just as the pandemic was taking hold, and the closure of live music venues meant that her preferred platform for artistic expression was no longer available. Despite this setback, the album received high praise from the likes of BBC1 and Germany’s Musikexpress, and Elena continued to create music during these challenging times. Over the last two years, she has produced countless songs that expertly capture the joys and struggles of life with precision and artistry. “Keep Walking” was the first of these works to be released and also marks the beginning of her collaboration with Ink Music, a formidable independent music label based in Vienna.

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