beachtown – Unsure

Fast-paced, catchy social insecurity.

Comprised of Zaine Masoliver, hailing from Menorca, and Fred Cowan, a London native, beachtown blends an array of diverse musical influences, often drawing inspiration from introspective and mysterious pioneers such as King Krule and LA based experimental artist Dijon. The duo formed in 2019, after a lucky encounter in the queue for a show in Kingston, South London. A simple conversation sparked from the search for a misplaced ticket led to the creation of beachtown. Fast forward two years and beachtown has emerged as one of the most captivating and promising alternative acts on the London music scene.

The London duo is now releasing Unsure, the first single off “UNSAYABLE“, their upcoming EP. Co-produced by Rupert Lyddon, Unsure is a very catchy fast-paced piece and it touches upon themes of social insecurity and displacement, encapsulated by poignant lines such as “The train is leaving, but there are no tracks in the wrong place“.

Zaine Masoliver, beachtown‘s vocalist says that “Unsure to me is about the feeling of mentally not being on top of things; thinking and daydreaming – which I feel I might do a bit too much (unconsciously of course). It’s the realisation that the people you’re with or the situation you’re in isn’t right for you and looking for that opening… being in the moment and rejecting mundanity“.

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