Yum Yuck – Thorns

The best relationship we can have is with ourselves. Meet Yum Yuck and his latest work, Thorns

Thorns can cause some hurt, but Yum Yuck’s latest single, “Thorns“, is anything but hurt in our hearts.

The song, progressive and expressive, presents us with the narrative of a relationship where one person hides their feelings, hiding the weight of their pain and everything that is going on that, for one reason or another, they don’t agree with. This premise aligns with the music and all its denouement: it starts with a shorter, slower and more intimate rhythm and, as the minutes go by, it brings out more instruments, riffs and power: almost like an explosion.

More than an erased or closed feeling, we feel the artist exploding with emotion and giving us back everything that didn’t count during times of this strangely lived relationship. It reminds us of artists like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Strokes (especially on guitar) but, above all, a special South African touch that so well characterizes the artist from this country.

We didn’t want to leave him alone, so we spoke to him. Stay with Yum Yuck:

[Where The Music Meets] Thorns is the latest single for your new album, coming out in 2023. How did the creative process of this song start?
[Yum Yuck] It started on acoustic guitar and felt like a ballad initially, it was only when I started producing the chorus section that a new dimension and the push and pull to the song emerged.

What are your biggest inspirations when creating themes?
I like to write about classic themes but to try and create juxtaposition within those classic ideas. I want there to be more than one side of the story in my songs. I want things to remain a bit ambiguous and open. Nothing as it seems like it feels like a love song but then it’s actually about how love makes you feel confused and overwhelmed or if it feels like a happy song then it’s actually about the moments of discontent behind the smiles.

What have you been listening to recently?
A few new favourites are Roy Blair, Strongboi, JW Francis, Kiasmos, TV Girl. I’ve also really been getting back into Bloc Party recently, so good.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
Loving, MorMor, LA Priest or Hether.

If you could describe your sound in one word what would it be?

Whether winter, spring or summer, Thorns is a thorn you won't want to drop from your playlists.

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