Momma T – Sugarbaby

Powerful vocals within a smooth pop-jazz sound. Meet Momma T.

From the gorgeous relaxed jazzy vocals to a distinct feeling of belonging to the same room she is in, this is probably the biggest power of Momma T as a singer and composer. The Portuguese singer-songwriter’s latest track entitled “Sugarbaby” is a gorgeous achievement of pop-jazz with funk elements and a smooth vocal performance that goes along with a feel-full lyric that is not afraid of going into pop territory.

The whole instrumental vibe that accompanies the last third of the track is also a balsame for any new or returning listener. There is a sense of instrumentality that is never hidden from the track and that deserves its proper space and “Sugarbaby” provided the space for that.

The track was composed, produced, and recorded by herself. “Sugarbaby” tells the story of a gold-digging love, of someone who lets themselves be exploited and manipulated just to be near their “sugar baby” and be a victim of their charms. The song features musicians from various parts of the world, such as Argentinian Joana Gutierrez on drums, American keyboardist Kenny Leonore, and Portuguese Diogo Cordeiro on horns.

About Momma T:

Momma T is the alter ego of Ana Ribeiro, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who navigates through the realms of soul and jazz, but also alternative R&B, blending acoustic and electronic elements. She also dedicates herself to music production and sound engineering, producing and recording tracks for many emerging young artists.

Momma T

With two EPs to her name (released in 2019 and 2020), it’s perhaps this almost Sade vibe that first emanates from Momma T’s music that strikes us so much. This is an immense quality production and a sense of familiarity whenever we play one of her songs. Perhaps taking a bit longer with the latest singles (with 5 released singles prior to “Sugarbaby” already released in the last couple of years) might be giving the project more space to breathe and make an impact. Great latest tracks like “Easy Love” where the jazz vibes and pop mixes are again very present in the seamless build-up to a catchy chorus; or the powerful and darker (and more sensual) “What You Down For” which even incorporates natural RnB elements (can you feel a Rihanna vibe?).

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