mokina – what it’s like

Easy, soft and relatable, "what it's like" is a friendly dreamy way to start again!

Self-titled beach bum and Portugal-based song-writer mokina is releasing today her first single out off “Swirly“, her upcoming EP.

The Montreal-born artist’s third EP showcases a move towards an indie-alternative style, yet still retaining the luxurious vocal and synthesizer landscapes that define her work. Notably, it includes the collaboration of Quebecois guitarist Jeremy Lachance, and is dedicated to her friend’s recently departed pet snail, “Clark Swirly”.

Driven by mokina‘s melancholic sweet voice timbre, “what it’s like” (and the rest of the EP) were composed and produced entirely during a rainy week in mokina‘s studio situated on the Portuguese coast. Talking about new beginnings, “what’s it’s like” feels both lo-fi and soulful, with rich hints of Men I Trust and Mac Demarco but with a strong sense of mokina‘s unique personal touch . Easy, soft and relatable, “what it’s like” is a friendly dreamy way to start again!

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