Mounika- I Looked Into Her Eyes

Soul-sounding retro vibes that make us feel complete. Meet Mounika latest.

Featuring the vocal of legendary soul singer Ural Thomas, “I Looked Into Her Eyes” is a gorgeous track that mixes soul-sounding retro vibes with lyrical sense and a lot of modern sensitivity. Mounika has announced the release of his upcoming album “Don’t Look At Me (Part. 1)” on May 12th, 2023, which will feature this track as a new single.

Mounika shares that the track was inspired by his admiration for the original song ‘Smouldering Fire‘ by Ural Thomas & the Pain, which he discovered while watching the Netflix series “It’s Bruno“. He was immediately drawn to reworking the track, praising Ural Thomas for his incredible voice and encouraging listeners to check out his project.

The song is accompanied by a stunning video directed by Parisian filmmaker Louis Faury. Mounika explains that the video aims to depict the tenderness and moments that arise from innocent glances, exploring love encounters and the collision of destinies in a simple game of looks.

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