Meernaa – I Believe In You

Tender, introspective, and soul-purifying. Meet Meernaa.

So tender. “I Believe In You” the latest track released by Carly Bond as Meernaa is not only tender but also ideally introspective while still relaxing and cathartic. There is a sense of a retro sonority in the track where the indie pop elements are relaxed through a Jazz vibe and even a sense of soft electronics and timeless vocals.

Everything sounds smooth, gorgeous, relatable and poetic. There are also soul grabbers in the chorus extensions of her voice as well as in the gorgeous sax elements and emotionally charged lyrics. But above all in “I Believe In You” everything comes easy and sounds soul-purifying. And that’s sort of the purpose of listening to music, isn’t it?

Playing with elements from Helado Negro or Miya Folick she has been compared with acts such as Aldous Harding and Regina Spektor. It’s no wonder as the vibe coming through this one is softly unforgettable.

About Meernaa:

Meernaa is a music project led by songwriter Carly Bond, who combines dusky, technically refined vocals with neo-soul, classic R&B, and indie-pop influences. Bond views heavy themes like addiction and loss through the lens of love in her work, exploring rebellion against the lifestyle she grew up with and channelling a sense of release. Bond grew up in the Bay Area, turning to music and poetry as a way to process her emotions and self-soothe.

Bond began learning guitar and writing songs in high school, eventually interning at Tiny Telephone Recording to learn more about music. She met her future bandmate and husband Rob Shelton during her first session in the studio, and they began playing in bands together. They opened their own studio, Altamira Sound, in Los Angeles in 2020. Bond is also a session and touring guitarist, having worked with Luke Temple, Jerry Paper, Suzanne Vallie, and Miya Folick. Meernaa has shared bills with artists like Helado Negro, Nilüfer Yanya, and Sam Evian. Bond leads a full band that brings Meernaa’s smouldering performances to life.

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