Sage. – Swing For The Low

Sage.'s latest is upbeat sadness!

Sage. is an Orlando-based band that stands independent. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Steely Dan, D’Angelo, and Cosmo Pyke, the band crafts a soulful sound that comes alive in the raw vocals and swanky guitar of Dom Gabasan, the fat bass licks of Adam Sage, and the too-funky rhythms of Ian Matheson.

Their latest single, “Swing For The Low“, carries a joyful yet sombre tone that is underscored by the funky yet mellow vibe of the instruments. Featuring jazzy piano and groovy bass lines, the song invites listeners to either dance or unwind with a drink and revel in the music.

Lyrically, “Swing For The Low” tells the story of a man who was left heartbroken and abandoned for someone else. The song is a poetic plea to the woman who left him, asking if they would have been happy or lasted if he had not been in the picture. The poignant lyrics serve as a stark contrast to the upbeat tempo of the song, giving the impression that the man is reminiscing about what could have been or what he had lost.

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