J. Mordechai – All Eye

Electronic music for the soul. Meet J.Mordechai.

From the confines of Brooklyn to the World, we discovered J. Mordechai, a project that frees us from all the ties we have and brings us to our most natural state.

All Eye is the fourth song from his first EP, Reveries, released this year, which results from an explosive mix between electronic music, dub and rap: a perfect combination where we endlessly connect to the artist and all the experimental areas he wants to enter.

The music immediately brings to mind the series Euphoria and the artist Labrinth, songs that awaken our alter-ego and all those facets we like to hide from our true selves.

The desire to listen to it on a loop is such that we exchanged a few words with the artist, to understand more about the project. Stay with J. Mordechai:

[Where The Music Meets] How would you describe your project?

[J. Mordechai] J. Mordechai is a Brooklyn-based artist who uses sound to investigate the space between protest and pleasure. Since 2016, he has released music under various veils, spanning experimental folk, noise, and club music – in addition to immersing himself as a performer in DIY circuits between NYC and FL. On his debut EP Reveries, he produces twisted & pulsing-electronic grooves that encapsulate this journey through genre and experience.

‘Reveries’ is your first EP. What are your influences?

My primary influences come from communities I’m fortunate to take part. Recently, my friend Topu [Lyo] and I were at a show programmed by Lester St. Louis, with performers including Miho Hatori, Ka Baird, Nate Wooley, and more. We discussed how all of the ‘xyz-scenes’ in NYC feel explosive at the moment, and I’m trying to meditate on that while exploring the intersections of improvised, club, and pop music myself.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would you select and why?

RⱯHM — his approach to music-making inspires me endlessly.

What are you listening to nowadays?

Lately, I’ve been making an effort to listen to online-radio programs like Radio AlHara, The Lot Radio, NTS, and dublab to name a few. Outside of that, some favorites include The Cradle, Altopalo, Cocomofo, and Waleed.

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From Brooklyn to the stars, J. Mordechai shows us that everything is possible when your soul is not small. An incredible experience that should be heard on the best stereos on the market.

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