Deva Yoder – Rocket Ship

Nostalgia, passion and lots of feeling: stay with Deva Yoder and her latest work, Rocket Ship.

Escape in a spaceship, to infinity and beyond.

Our thoughts, knowledge and wisdom seem our most absolute truths. We feel that we do not pass through time, but that time effectively passes through us. Like plants, we grow, bloom, and one day tell our stories to our grandchildren, great-grandchildren, or any other stranger who wants to know a new and different story in their life.

From Denver, Colorado, in the United States, we discovered Deva Yoder, an American acoustic folk singer who charms our soul with her jovial spirit, where we feel ourselves reflecting on our life, what we have already lived, how old we are and where we are heading.

This love story of folk music comes from another life, as the artist is a huge Tom Petty fan – and the best tribute she could do is to show us her potential.

Rocket Ship is just that: folk at its purest and most beautiful. A journey in retrospect about what we’ve been through and what we have yet to experience. The instrumentation connects in perfect symbiosis with Deva’s voice, and it’s so beautiful that we can’t stop listening.

About Deva Yoder:

Deva Yoder is an American artist who, from a young age, was inspired by artists such as Tom Petty, Suzanne Vega, PJ Harvey and Tilt. She taught herself guitar based on The Beatles’ music books. Adding to the guitar, she brings a very powerful voice that you can’t stop listening to. She released her debut album in 2017, Storm Chasers, and is set to release her second album, Be Well, in May 2023.

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