Barret Staples – Starseed

Barrett Staples cooks up funky electronic anthem in latest release "Starseed".

Barrett Staples is an artist with a unique and creative approach to music and performance. In addition to being a talented musician, he has gained notoriety for his one-of-a-kind onstage act of cooking chicken live during his performances. This daring act of culinary showmanship has never been seen before in the world of music and adds an extra layer of excitement to his already captivating shows. However, Barrett’s talent as a musician should not be overshadowed by his unique stage presence. With a sound that blends together a wide range of genres including indie, alternative, hip-hop, pop, soul, RnB and funk, Barrett creates a fresh and innovative sonic landscape that appeals to a wide audience. His music is characterized by his soulful vocals, poetic lyrics, and a combination of traditional and contemporary instrumentals.

FALTA PLAYER – sai dia 17 de Fevereiro

His latest achievement described as the “the 10th of monthly single releases for the Year of the Tiger” is entitled “Starseed” and is a great funky electronic anthem that feels chilled, relaxed and particularly high almost for its entire duration. Catchy too, and very very easy to love and reflect upon – be it singing or dancing along -. Also quite short, but fortunately very easy to repeat, this is for this kind of song that music players invented the “loop” button. So yeah, that’s how you should consume it too.

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