The Angles – Go!

"Go!" is a break-up ballad infused with love.

Ashwin Prasanna, a Brooklyn-based artist with a talent for creating thoughtful power pop, has unveiled his most recent project, The Angles. Over the years, Prasanna has produced hundreds of demos, many of which were once available on his old SoundCloud page under the moniker Breeder. However, he now returns with a new single entitled “Go!“, which is not only a refinement of his previously compulsively produced work, but also represents a new phase in his music’s emotional depth and production quality.

Go!“, released on late January, tackles the duality of opening one’s heart and the bravery required to let go, with Prasanna singing, “Go feel whole without me… Your heart has got you in the fold.” The song, a break-up ballad infused with love, features pop melodies enveloped in chiming guitars and synths reminiscent of Real Estate, Teenage Fanclub, and Big Star. Prasanna, in true do-it-yourself fashion, is responsible for performing, producing, and mixing everything you hear on the track.

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