Adi Oasis – Multiply

Ready to get the groove going.

Adi Oasis

Adi Oasis knows how to get a tune going. Her voice is soothing, with the right balance between emotion and sensuality; her bass skills are sharp, ready to get the groove on. She has collaborated with names ranging from Masego to Jean Tonique, released a couple of records under the moniker Adeline, and is now preparing a new full-length, from which her latest single, “Multiply, is extracted.

Described as an “unapologetically sexy song, embodying a woman who owns her sexual desires and the hormonal but also desperately romantic desire of motherhood”, “Multiply” is – well – an unapologetically sexy song, an empowering row of soft bass lines, groovy drum patterns, soulful hooky vocals that stretch influence from early 70s funk to modern day neo-soul. It slaps and you should listen to it. That’s all we’ve got to say about that!

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