YACHT – Finger In Your Eye

Playfully subversive post-pop!

YACHT, a trio based in Los Angeles, is known for challenging high technology, hence their name “Young Americans Challenging High Technology”. Despite the name, the group is not all American nor are they all young. YACHT was established in 2002 and has since released several full-length albums, along with a range of singles, EPs, and other unique items. Their creative ventures have included selling unplayable compact discs, publishing a philosophical handbook, constructing a 62-foot video installation, designing an eyewear collection, creating a fragrance, campaigning against NSA surveillance, programming large-scale public art projects, and presenting their work at art museums, universities, festivals, tech conferences, and rock clubs worldwide.

In 2020, their seventh album “Chain Tripping“, which was created in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence, was nominated for a GRAMMY Award for Best Immersive Audio Album. YACHT‘s groundbreaking work with AI will also be showcased in an upcoming feature documentary titled “The Computer Accent“, set to be released for streaming in 2023.

Now, the Grammy-nominated band offers playfully subversive post-pop with their track “Finger in Your Eye“. The band appears to be thoroughly enjoying themselves with this joyfully unselfconscious earworm that’s performed with the verve of a schoolyard tune.

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