swim school – delirious

Ready to swim in the adult pool? Meet the swim school and their latest single, delirious

Photo: Rory Barnes

Climbing like kings to the top of Edinburgh Castle sounds like a tricky challenge for those unaccustomed to it, but for the local swim school this task seems as simple as drinking water.

From the UK’s pied pipers to the world, Scotland’s swim school are back with another snippet from their new EP – and it’s with delirious that we’re surrendered to Edinburgh’s four kilts.

The band is made up of Alice Johnson as frontwoman and singer, Lewis Bunting on the guitar, Matt Mitchell on the bass and Billy McMahon, as the drummer.

The discovery couldn’t have been more random: the blessed Spotify recognises our tastes – and soon after listening to Wolf Alice it presents us with swim school. Irony or not, for Dork, Alice refers to the band as “Basically, we’re Tesco Value Wolf Alice”.

But more than the similarity with Wolf Alice – promptly referred to by my Mother when she heard the song – for the first time, it is what they are doing well that sets them apart: swim school are a mixture of revolt and happiness, of anger and passion – the rhythm they put into the songs is contagious, and delirious is proof of that: we want to hear it live now because we can’t get out of this endless loop.

Everything is aligned and at the right time: we feel that at any point they can swim on the highest stages of international music, with their eloquent and characteristic style: be it through voice, drums, bass or guitar, the unison they bring us is unique and defines a new generation for Scottish rock. It’s the swim school, everybody!

About swim school:

swim school are a rock band based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their unique quartet brings sounds that range from heavy rock to the most melancholy of our feelings. Fans of British bands like Wolf Alice or Foals will have here the experience they wanted: a mix of the best music made in the UK. Fun fact: in an interview for DIY, they mentioned that their dream collaboration would be with the Brighton band.

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