Moonlight Zoo – If Only

Scottish synthpop served à la Bruce Springsteen in his 80s renaissance era.

Moonlight Zoo - If Only

Moonlight Zoo are a Scottish band in Dunfermline and they play neat 80’s influence style arena pop. Imagine if the Bleachers turned Scottish – that’s the idea here. “If Only”, their latest single, is their first offering of new music since 2019.

“If Only” sounds big and charismatic. There are synths à la Bruce Springsteen, massive 80s drums kicking and snaring, and pouring vocals filled with emotion that make it seem Brendon Flowers reincarnated as a man growing up in Scottish suburbia. It’s catchy, emotional, and big sounding, with no time to waste in its desire to make us dance and feel nostalgic. And it achieves both! Quelle surprise.

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