Joyce Muniz – Arrivederci Bella

Samba, Techno and lots of love: meet the latest single from Joyce Muniz, Arrivederci Bella

Photo by Eva Fredrichs

“Arrivederci Bella” is the latest single from Joyce Muniz, a Brazilian artist who combines house, samba, techno and a bit of poetry all in one formula. Its electrifying rhythm does not leave us indifferent: we are not talking about the typical ntz-ntz that characterises this style of music: Joyce enters us, chills our soul and, out of nowhere, utters phrases like “Arrivederci Bella, para a gente se pegar, para a gente se lamber, no cinema” which, in English, are hook-ups, love, attraction and a lot of sensuality, with a cinematic dose on the way.

The beat is so energetic and different from the usual techno we know that we can’t stop listening to it. We want to share it with our soul mate, our love, that person we are always thinking about.

“Arrividerci Bella” is everything we dreamed of after being cooped up for so long: it’s party, passion, and effusiveness.

This is the artist’s second excerpt for her new album, ‘Zeitkapsel’, which will be released in April. As the name suggests (Zeitkapsel = Time Capsule), this album goes through various key moments of the Brazilian artist. It features collaborations with Leciel, Play Paul and Le3 bLACK, bringing an involving mix of styles to the record and the stories Joyce has to tell us, going from drum N bass to pop, rap or techno in a matter of seconds.

About Joyce Muniz:

Joyce Muniz was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and it is from her Samba roots that she draws inspiration to mix this style with MC Vocals, Drum N’ Bass and Techno. Currently living in Berlin, we can see the artist in countless venues around the world, with her unique style filling up the most diverse dance floors.

Muniz has three albums/ EPs in her repertoire (Pulp Fiction (2011), Drop in Pressure (2012) and Made in Vienna (2016) ) and many collaborations, which are inspired by moments, places and stories she experiences during her life.

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