Taali – Silver Bullet (Song for Sima)

Celebrate this day with Taali's "Silver Bullet (Song for Sima)" - a touching tribute to the depth of female friendship.

On this Valentine’s Day, Grammy-nominated artist taali invites us to pay tribute to a deserving object of love: our female best friends. Her latest release, “Silver Bullet (Song for Sima)“, showcases the maturity and skill of a seasoned songwriter coming into her own. With influences ranging from Cat Power, Paul McCartney, and Laura Nyro, Taali weaves together a one-of-a-kind composition in honour of Joni Mitchell’s “Song For Sharon” delving into the depths of female friendship with raw, heartfelt lyrics. This is an updated version of Valentine’s Day for 2023, a chance to reflect and celebrate the bond between you and your closest female friend.

Remembering when you met her, remembering the cigarettes she used to smoke, remembering how she first got inside your car on that particular morning. It matters how much you remember it, it matters how much of your best friend you treasure, and it’s definitely with a lot of feeling that “Silver Bullet” feels in the ones that feel – and remember – this deep. Your own Sima, let her know. We thank taali for getting us that space to remember on this particular day. Even more with such a catchy and deep chorus and delicate voice.

About Taali:

Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and producer Taali embarked on her most personal project, taali, with the intention of not writing about herself. After three deeply introspective projects, Taali sought to shift her creative focus. A seasoned pop musician, she crafted a series of chamber pop pieces that are driven by soaring melodies, energetic rhythms, and lyrics that encourage introspection and action. By delving into meaningful themes and getting closer to her true self, Taali created a moving, 13-song album that expresses grief, self-discovery, and empowerment in a raw and soul-stirring way. This project harkened back to Taali’s beginnings as a songwriter when she wrote her first songs at Manhattan’s New School while studying jazz performance. The process of creating taali allowed her to explore her potential with a more free-form approach, and with the support of a talented team of collaborators, including Grammy-nominated co-producer Brian Bender, Grammy-winning bassist Ben Williams, and drummer Dustin Kaufman, Taali is confident that the album will have a lasting impact. “I hope it will inspire someone to believe they have the power to change their circumstances, to create something better and take a daring leap,” she says.

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