Kevitch – Secrets

A delicate balance of vulnerability & intimacy, this is Kevitch.

On “Secrets“, newcomer Kevitch captivates listeners with his languid vocals and chill beats, singing about the concept of keeping secrets in a relationship. The dreamy R&B-inspired track exudes a blissful nostalgia, featuring smooth layered vocals and a plush soundscape. It’s a delicate balance of vulnerability and intimacy, triggered by Kevitch‘s songwriting and the dense yet spacious sonic cadence. This first single since signing with Nettwerk marks a promising start for the artist.

Listeners who enjoy the dreamy, melancholic vibe of artists like Lana Del Rey will find a lot to love in “Secrets” The track has a similar ambience, but with a breezier and lighter feel, making it more accessible and upbeat. The overall sound is very catchy, making it impossible not to get lost in the lush production and emotional storytelling of the song. “Secrets” is a standout track that demonstrates Kevitch’s unique and powerful voice in the world of R&B and pop music.

About Kevitch:

R&B artist Lindsey Kevitch is known for her lo-fi R&B style. She is releasing her debut EP in Summer 2023 via Nettwerk. With 137K+ Instagram followers, she’s set to unveil a collection of chill-pop anthems, including two past releases “Sunrise” (24M streams) and “IDC” (2.5M streams) featured on Spotify’s Chill Vibes playlist. Raised in Philadelphia, New York, and LA, Kevitch attended NYC’s The New School Jazz Studies program before shifting to other creative endeavours. Based in Venice, California, she now has full creative control and hopes to inspire listeners through her self-understanding as an artist.

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