[TGIF] Cold Sunlights

On our 7th birthday, we thank you all for another Friday and celebrate with 17 new great indie tracks.

Cover art from @marbles.music latest "Cold Water"

Welcome to our latest round-up of the best new indie singles released over the past three weeks. We know how overwhelming it can be to keep up with the constant flow of new music, which is why we’ve listened to over 1000 tracks to curate this post for you. This week, we’ve got a diverse range of genres covered, from indie pop to garage-psych to freak folk. Our focus is on highlighting good pop tracks that are sure to have you tapping your feet and singing along. Whether you’re a long-time indie fan or just looking to discover something new, we’ve got you covered. So, sit back, relax and discover the freshest indie tracks out there.

Oh, and we are 7 years old today, celebrating the cause by reaching the mark of 1500 new artists/bands covered here at WtMM.

amm – I’m So Tired

I’m So Tired“, the latest track from amm (a.k.a Amaris), an independent artist from San Diego, is a heartfelt song for those who are weary from the constant pressures, expectations, and demands of life. It speaks to the feeling of frustration from well-intentioned people offering unsolicited advice and opinions on one’s life, career, relationships, and decisions.

When I wrote the song, I was struggling with the impact of all the voices weighing in on my life. I have a tendency to bend to others’ opinions and was feeling overwhelmed by the constant barrage of advice from all directions. I realized that the best way for people to help me was to simply support me as I figured things out on my own. This song was my response to the pressure and a reminder to trust myself and make decisions based on what I feel is right, rather than what others tell me to do.

BrainGhost – June

BrainGhost is a solo project by Kate Jacobson, formerly of Australia’s indie country group Texas Tea. It ventures into dreamy alt-pop territory, blending low fi beats with organic instruments and smooth vocals. Based in Stockholm, BrainGhost marks a new chapter in Kate’s writing and production style with this new refreshing dreamy single June.

Cherry Angel -Cherry Dream

Cherry Angel‘s music is a nostalgic journey through life’s “firsts” – from navigating big emotions in high school to experiencing the ups and downs of relationships for the first time. It explores the thrill of first kisses, navigating friendship troubles, experimentation, the loss of innocence, and falling in and out of love.

Her latest single entitled “Cherry Dream” is a bittersweet ode to a lost love that now only exists in the realm of dreams. The protagonist of the song spills her heart and confesses her faults, hoping to manifest her past love. This is a familiar feeling for many who have experienced the pain of lost love – the constant rehashing of memories and wondering “what if.” The song is a powerful meditation on love and depression, capturing the sadness and longing one feels when they are unable to move forward and stuck in the past. The protagonist yearns to stay asleep so she can be with her lost love, finding solace in the memories that are better than her reality. For now, they meet in her dreams, where her love can live on.

Coast Arcade – Highest Heights

Coast Arcade, a promising Indie Rock Pop band, had a successful breakout year in 2022, opening for well-known musicians and securing a spot on the “Spring City” festival lineup alongside big international acts. Their debut single, “Tattoo” reached number 11 on the Official Hot NZ Singles chart. Formed in early 2021, the band has a strong following in New Zealand’s music scene and frequently performs at iconic venues in Tāmaki Makaurau. Coast Arcade describes their music as a mix of Indie Pop Rock, Surf, and Punk, creating an energetic and fun summer sound.

Their new single called “Highest Heights” is a fast-paced and moody tune about teenage love. The song was recorded at Joel Little’s studio, BigFan, and produced by the band’s front-woman Bella Bavin with mixing and mastering by Jono Pearce of The Beths. “Highest Heights” features a catchy intro and the first chorus starts at 0:47. The band is influenced by the Foo Fighters and The Beths.

Cole LC – (Most) Humans Are Dicks

(Most) Humans Are Dicks” is a thought-provoking piece that encourages listeners to prioritize their own self-worth and well-being above all else. The message serves as a reminder that not everyone will like you, and it’s okay. At the end of the day, the most important person in your life is yourself, so you should make sure to do what’s best for you.

Cole LC, an artist from Leeds, England, is known for his eclectic mix of genres in his music. He combines R&B, Rap, Drill, and alt-pop to create a unique sound that reflects on his experiences growing up, friendships, and relationships. Cole’s musical inspirations come from a variety of sources, and he has honed his skills by sharing original tunes and freestyle raps on social media and busking from a young age. After releasing his first mixtape in 2021 and performing at various festivals, including Reading, Leeds, and Parklife, Cole is ready to release his first full-length album in 2023. The album promises to showcase Cole’s vocal talent and insightful lyrics, while pushing against genre boundaries.

Dylan Chambers – Don’t Give Up On My Love

Los Angeles soul singer and guitarist Dylan Chambers is back with a new single, “Don’t Give Up On My Love“,  just in time for Valentine’s Day. Spinning up a string of new singles with longtime producer, Stefan Litrownik, Dylan Chambers is eager to garner the charm of timeless classics, rooted in soul. In the past, he’s collaborated with producer John Alagía , critically acclaimed singer Haley Reinhart, Mark Ballas and Grammy Award-nominated, multi-platinum jazz artist Dave Koz.

Don’t Give Up On My Love” exemplifies Chambers’ heart-melting vocals and mastery of song craft. Its smooth organ, grooving beat, Motown backing vocals and angelic orchestration makes it feel both timeless and like an instant classic.

JAN3T – Salt Plains

Salt Plains” is the first single extracted from JAN3T‘s self-titled debut record, to be released in the summer of 2023.

“Salt Plains” introduces us to the complementary dimensions of Jan3t’s sound. An intimate, dark opening gives way to a deep set groove, searing guitar, and anthemic vocals, the latter a head nod to the 80s records JAN3T was absorbing while making the track. Inspired by a prompt on the Mahira Discord, the lyrics suggest allegory, biblical allusion, or the flats of Death Valley, all pointing at a moment of transformation. 

“During the pandemic, I didn’t have people to collaborate with. I was used to always being around other musicians,” explains JAN3T, who performs almost every track on Salt Plains (drums recorded with the help of friend Chris McAllister). 

“It’s about transition,” JAN3T continues, referring to both the song and their debut album. “Realizing that a certain way of living isn’t working, and needing to figure out something else. Moving from self-pity, and being manipulative with other people and their emotions, to taking responsibility for yourself.”

J. I. Gassen – how do you know it’s not a sign?

J. I. Gassen is a multifaceted musician who utilizes music as a therapeutic outlet to navigate the complexities of life during these tumultuous times. With an introspective and raw approach, he delves into the realms of bedroom indie and psychedelic pop, expertly weaving together elements of introspection, rumination, and whimsy in his works.

As a gifted singer-songwriter, producer, and engineer, J. I. Gassen masterfully creates music that serves as a contemplation on the human experience and the ongoing search for meaning in our lives. In his latest “how do you know it’s not a sign?“, J. I. Gassen explores the theme of self-discovery and the subjective nature of life’s purpose. The central question posed by the song speaks to the inherent uncertainty of life and raises the idea that our interpretation and worldview shape our understanding of it. The song offers no easy answers, only the reminder that life is what you make it, and that each person’s journey is unique and personal.

Jon Hood – Ocean

In “Ocean“, Jon Hood presents a hauntingly beautiful piece to their fans following the success of their debut album “Body Semantics” released in 2017. The composition underwent various mood and stylistic changes over the years and the current version stands as a vivid and intricately crafted entity. Repetitive instrumental loops continuously expand, giving the song a growing and captivating quality.

Joan Seiler’s warm spoken lyrics evolve into hymn-like singing, igniting gentle excitement and transforming the atmosphere from a calm melancholy to a hopeful euphoria – a characteristic commonly found in Jon Hood‘s music. Sonya Carmona, a Costa Rican musician, adds to this emotional picture with her echoing backing vocals. The song serves as a testament to Jon Hood‘s sonic and visual existence, showcasing their musical prowess.

Love Seats -on your own

On Your Own” reflects on the impact of unhealthy habits on one’s life. The chorus is an introspection of the artist, addressing himself and listeners with the message “When you’re all on your own, you’re dreaming. Always on your phone. You’re wasting your time.Love Seats, who previously only recorded on tape, used Ableton software to experiment with various production techniques for this song. The result features a combination of elements such as saturated drums, warm bass tones, soothing vocals, vinyl samples, guitar licks with a warbling effect, and echo-driven synth lines.

MARBLES– Cold Water

On January 25th, 2023, Norwegian band MARBLES released “Cold Water“, the final single and closing track from their upcoming sophomore album “Humour“. The album is set to be released today. The song starts with a jangly acoustic guitar and sparkling synth lines, displaying a different style compared to previous singles from “Humour” while still fitting in with the overall sound of the album. Hailing from Kolbotn, known for its black metal music, MARBLES creates a distinct sound that deviates from the typical Norwegian music, with “Cold Water” being another example of the band’s unique blend of dreamy guitar-driven pop, reminiscent of Wild Nothing and Jay Som, infused with upbeat and synth-heavy psychedelic pop like Toro Y Moi and MGMT.

Mazey Haze – Kill Me I Got You

 Ahead of the release of her new EP “Back to the Start” on 7th April via LUSTRE, indie-rock rising talent Mazey Haze (aka Amsterdam based musician Nadine Appeldoorn) has revealed her new single “Kill Me I Got You“.

Written about sacrificing your own personal authenticity to appease someone else’s desires, the prowling, 60s psych-rock rhythm of “Kill Me I Got You” is an exercise in recognising patterns within herself in relationships. With this song, Appeldoorn feels she has at last gotten to know herself, no matter how uncomfortable those moments of self-reflection may be: “I’ve learned that I should never force things with other people and be honest with myself and others – and I shouldn’t be afraid to communicate that.

Speaking more on the lyrical inspiration of new single “Kill Me I Got You“, Mazey Haze said: “It’s about how the search for a profound, real connection with other people can be confusing, lonely and complicated. Why do I “kill” myself to be who someone else wants me to be just so I can be with them?”

Moglii x Mulay -Sunliight

German electronic producer Moglii (also featured here and here) has teamed up with German-based, Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter Mulay, a previous cover artist for EQUAL GSA, for their upcoming collaborative double release “Sunliight” (January 6th) and “Hidden in the Mist” (January 20th). Mulay‘s alternative R&B style is unique and captivating, with a focus on creating music that stands the test of time through honest lyrics, mesmerizing soundscapes, and visually striking elements. Both Moglii and Mulay‘s sounds are seamlessly combined in the two new singles. “Sunliight” is a joyful, upbeat and wholesome song that was created some time ago. It encourages self-acceptance, self-love, and the celebration of personal achievements, growth, and one’s body and mind. It encourages not to hide or compromise parts of oneself in order to fit in or please others.

Niall Summerton – Wish You Could Speak

Laidback Leeds indie songsmith Niall Summerton embraces his DIY roots on latest single “Wish You Could Speak“. Showcasing his signature dusty, dulcet tones and accompanied by a beat-up homemade guitar, the song is a “ditty-for-the-dog“, a touching ode to man’s best friend – “I think we’d be great friends if we could chat“. Mixed in collaboration with Joel Johnston aka Far Caspian, debut album “What Am I Made Of?” arrives 14th April 2023 via Tiny Library Records.

Scrimmage – Bluebird

Scrimmage, a Brooklyn-based trio, started as a jamming project in 2020. Friends Connor Lewis, David Carter, and Carr Bonner played local shows as a group under no title, bouncing off different styles to find a shared rhythm in intricate grooves, wide-panned choruses, and layered three-part harmonies.

The group became official in 2022 and in the last month of last year dropped their debut EP, “Super Ego“. One of the tracks (and singles), “Bluebird“, popped up on our radars.

It portrays a despondent protagonist too scared to leave their virtual world. Blending elements of indie rock and psych pop, stacked-soaring vocals and distorted guitars play with softly plucked keys. Sometimes we value what feels immediate and immersive over what’s real and perplexing… and “Bluebird” is very much of both.

Slynk feat. Lazy Syrup Orchestra – Mellow Kinda Hype

Evan, also known as Slynk, was born with a musical talent. He initially dabbled in various classical instruments like piano, guitar, and drums, but it wasn’t until he started exploring sampling and sound design that he truly found his calling. Starting with small gigs at a Brisbane café inspired by New York’s underground scene, Slynk has honed his skills over the years and developed a unique style blending classic hip-hop with rare and funky grooves. His talent was soon recognized on a global level, making his debut on the international stage at Shambhala’s Fractal Forest.

The collaboration between the Australian-based artist and Canadian funk collective Lazy Syrup Orchestra was inevitable in the world of Canadian funk. They are now showcasing their natural synergy with their first collaborative single, “Mellow Kinda Hype“. The song features a perfect blend of silky R&B vocals, smooth rap, sweet instrumentation, tight drum beats, and scratching turntables, resulting in a harmonious collaboration of production and performance.

falta player – sai dia 1

The Parlor – Ecstasy You

Ecstasy You” is a unique blend of psychedelic dream-pop, drawing inspiration from Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” and incorporating elements of The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s bass lines, Broadcast’s synths, Jefferson Airplane’s slide guitar solos, and Warpaint’s chill jams. The song features natural imagery and was inspired by medieval mysticism and the idea of divine union. It’s a track that touches on the ecstasy of realizing the connection between ourselves and the universe. This song is the second single from the album “You Are Love and I Am You” and is recommended for fans of indie-pop, garage-psych, dreampop, bedroompop-lofi, shoegaze, and freak folk. The Parlor‘s music has been featured in a variety of publications and media outlets such as Pitchfork, PopMatters, KEXP and more.