Emily Chambers x Stoop Kids – Cicadas

Check out Emily Chambers' latest release "Cicadas" with Stoop Kids.

Being unable to perform during the pandemic, forced Emily Chambers to focus on her songwriting more than ever before. It is how she processes, understands, comes to terms with, reflects on and shares her stories. With the completion of her first full length album on the horizon, Chambers can’t wait to share what she’s been cookin’ up with you in 2023. Check out her latest release “Cicadas” with Stoop Kids.

Cicadas” is a sensual track about an ex-lover that you can’t get off your mind, no matter how toxic the relationship may have been. Written and released with the band Stoop Kids, this track is sure to give you the late-night-introspective-drive vibes you didn’t event know you were looking for. This the first single off of Emily Chambers‘ first full length album produced by Griffin Dean.

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