Frank Ivy – New State of Mind

Frank Ivy's retro-current pop is one to make you feel light and good. Even when thinking about not holding back.

Frank Ivy

Sometimes is all we need: a new state of mind. This is what the newest song by Bay Area indie artist Frank Ivy is all about, and not only it sounds refreshing in lyrics but also quite tender-contagious in what its pop atmosphere offers.

Resembling a bit to acts like Weeknd but with a more declared raw pop vibe, but still infusing some of that 80s feel in the instrumental-synth elements, there is light in a lot of “New State of Mind” phases. Of course, the catchy chorus and even more lightful vocal elements help in achieving that pop-perfection feel.

Frank states about the song:

“It’s a hopeful and exciting up-tempo record about moving on from the past, and not letting anything hold you back. We zoom out and start thinking about fate, purpose and the perception of time.”

A gorgeous retro-current track that every time it plays brings a bit of joy to our ears, can we ask for more in a track about not holding back?

About Franky Ivy:

Frank Rosato is an artist living in the Bay Area, CA. His 2 decades as a bandmate, producer and songwriter have led to his solo endeavour as Frank Ivy, which began in 2018. Just before that, Frank co-wrote his first commercially successful single “Dance Around the Fire” which has over 10 million streams across all platforms. It’s performed by Why These Coyotes, the band that Frank formerly led on vocals before beginning his solo career.

From 2018 – 2022, Ivy released more than 10 singles, as well as a couple of EPs and covers. You’ll hear many influences within his work and might classify it as some sort of psychedelic pop with a lo-fi / r&b haze around it. It’s lively but laid back. It can be enjoyed in the background, or more carefully consumed and dissected.

Ivy is set to release 6 new singles in 2023.

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