Rook Monroe – I Did Drugs For You

A journey through time and space about drugs? Yes, a groovy gorgeous one.

rook monroe

I Did Drugs For You” sounds like an act of love. One that gains its own motivations and good feelings as we let ourselves go by it. Pun intended much? Perhaps. But this is mainly true from the perspective of the listener of the gorgeous last track released by Rook Monroe still in 2022.

Rook’s second single from his highly-anticipated sophomore project takes listeners on a journey through time and space. “I Did Drugs For You” actually tells the story of a whimsically drug-fueled adventure with someone he loves enough to experience it all with.

The track is groovy, yet tender and edgy. It showcases Rook’s vocal skills. It’s a perfect fusion of Pop, RnB and Soul, reminiscent of Frank Ocean and John Mayer. The subtle choir in the chorus elevates the song and adds to its haunting beauty, giving it a Prince-like quality. The vocals are captivating and deliver an emotional performance that is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners. With its smooth, soulful vibe and powerful lyrics, this is a standout track that could easily play on any radio around the world.

“Petals of rose-filled fields and orchards

Forbidden fruits that we indulge in

Told me to hold out my tongue, and I swear

It put heaven into focus

Playing all our heart’s chords

I’ve never heard a song quite like this one, it’s new

I’ll have to tell our kids

How I did drugs for (you, you)

I did drugs for (you, you)

How I did drugs for you”

About Rook Monroe:

rook monroe

Rook Monroe’s EP, “Californialand,” and its titular track introduce the story of a traveller leaving a place behind and searching for an undefined destination. The EP reflects Rook’s mixture of confidence and uncertainty as he strives to abandon falsehoods and embrace the unknown. Produced with close friends Trackside (known for working with Selena Gomez, BabyJake, and Khamari), the self-written project was created in LA during a year of musical exploration. The final track, “Say Goodbye to My Children,” was shaped with the help of renowned producer Brendan O’Brien, who assisted in defining the overall sound. Rook’s first three singles were well-received, earning spots on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Tidal’s Pop: Rising, and Apple Music’s Wake Me Up. As a successful songwriter, known for writing Rihanna’s hit “Desperado” and tracks for a variety of artists, including Jeremih and The Chainsmokers, Rook brings his diverse influences together in his passionate rock-influenced project.