Breadcouch feat. Colton Cherry – red

From Childish Gambino to Portishead, Breadcouch music is a gorgeous blend of genres that feels most relaxed.

Born in Hawaii and raised in Texas, Breadcouch melds a multitude of influences to create a sound that is uniquely his own. He cites his main influences as Childish Gambino, Portugal. The Man, Mac Miller, and Portishead. His music inspires generations of young and old to find solace in music and live life with a smile. In the words of his fans, Breadcouch is “kinda wack

After submitting a track to streaming services and being denied due to sample issues, Breadcouch created two new tracks. “red” is one of those songs, an alternative RnB track with hip hop influences, that attempts to create a feeling of subtle anger at the world and life. “Dramatic, I know“. Colton Cherry lends his voice and an amazing guitar solo “that really takes the production to another level“.

red” is a first advance of a long project called “SAD SONGS SUCK“. We agree and support.

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