The Other End – Gas Station Light

Loud, raw and energetic. That's The Other End's way.

The Other End

The Other End play good ol’ rock’n’roll. Ida Knoph-Solholm and Alexander Breidvik don’t hide it. Their guitars are loud, their drums are pummeling. They sound raw and energetic, akin to some of the early 2000s garage rock revival scene. They play with a sense for pop melody and they are preparing for the release of their debut record, The Sun Will Do You Good, in the next month of May.

Just last week, the Norwegian duo released the first single off The Sun Will Do You Good, “Gas Station Light“.

“Gas Station Light” is flooded with crunchy guitars and loud, distant drums (a surprise, yet interesting development!), playing around with garage rock undertones and a pop sensibility that pushes hooks left, right and center. It swags, and, just like good ol’ rock’n’roll, it doesn’t take itself too seriously outside of just being a straight-to-the-point, fun track. It fulfills the pledge!

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