Ritual Forms – Down

Sombre, Down is a false up-lifting track

Ritual Forms are a trio, formed by friends in 2021, when Anna Marcella, Curtis ElVidge, and Joe Cross realised they had a lot of music to do, despite the very different backgrounds. With their feet in both sides of the Atlantic, the formation is now based in London, where they’re working on Ritual Forms’ debut album, Nighttime Economy.

Dripping with 90’s old-school downtempo and trip-hop influences everywhere, the trio is now releasing their second single off Nighttime Economy, Down.

With a dark undertone, Down strikes as a shamanistic hypnotic chant. Anna’s voice timbre pairs perfectly with the atmospheric nostalgic synths and the melody repeats itself throughout the track without sounding monotonous. Sombre, Down is a false up-lifting track where the listener is carried forward, stepping and climbing on pieces of their own past, personal frailties and misconceptions, ending up in a poetic windy refreshing seashore – feeling better, lighter and easier.

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