Photo taken from Yzu profile on Spotify
Since the beginning of this magazine that we have been receiving great electronic tracks. For some reason, we didn’t post about those submissions because we felt they should be integrated into a specific mood. We are now building that mood with a monthly post focusing on the best of indietronica. This is electromental – part 17.

brz – Visualives

Pronounced “breeze” – brz makes experimental hip-hop with components of synthpop and house – think Childish Gambino meets Lupe Fiasco meets Tame Impala. With elements of experimental music alongside conventional synthesizers and laptops, the project provides an experience that leaves audiences both contemplative and in awe. “Visualives” is an experimental electronic song – kind of dance-oriented, but not quite. “Visualives” is a mantra for attraction. I know manifestation is at the moment, but I am a strong believer in mental pictures in order to get the things that we ask for. I believe that the mental picture has to be deliberate, as it is possible to attract things that we don’t want. The song was made while studying with Nicolas Jaar for Overtones, a collaboration between the Rising Artist Foundation & the record label Other People.

FLEANGER – African Dreams

FLEANGER, born in Israel and currently living in Berlin, took his moniker from a music production effect he favours called “Flanger”, which adds depth to certain sounds, with an added letter E for the electronic music he produces. Today, FLEANGER constantly works on his music and appears at selected venues around the world.

Out since late November, “African Dreams” describes a complete journey into the continent of Africa translated into a piece that best describes the artist’s vibe and feeling on the continent. The goal is to dive into the melodies and get the atmosphere as if you are in the desert with the wind is caressing your face. While listening to the track, you can feel the atmosphere of calmness and peace that exists on it, mimicking what FLEANGER felt and experienced while visiting the wild continent.

HansiLa – The Voyage

The Voyage” is one of the latest tracks of HansiLa, a project intended to have a 70s sci-fi aesthetic both on tracks and artwork. Described as a “self-proclaimed synth dummy” the vibes are everything but dummy, and quite contagious and ground-breaking. Filled with aggressive cyberpunk vibes that feel both futuristic and surprisingly relaxing, this is a nice dark voyage into a meaningful void.

Iterate – Paste

If you’ve ever been a fan of Andreilien or Heyoka, then you are familiar with the quirky genius of Andrei Olenev, if not, then you are most definitely in for a special treat. He shifted his production DAW to Bitwig, built some incredibly complex regenerative sound generators and sampling blocks and changed his production moniker to Iterate.

Glitched-out bass-driven beats and fractals, his unique form of genius come to light strongly in his latest productions. The bass is strong, and the tempos range from Halftime DnB to swanky chilled-out trippy grooves, to rolling Breakbeats and Electro Bass. Each tune features intricate glitch effects and its distinct ability to create a unique atmospheric sound design. That’s what is present in his latest “Paste“.

Just Geo – ALLURE

Just Geo describes himself in accordance with several experts’ opinions as someone who is really good at making people dance. He’s been releasing tracks that dive into the UK Garage genre which are heavily electronic but feel very much organic. “ALLURE” is his first release in 2023 after several singles and 2 (!!) albums last year, in another demonstration of how skilfully and abundant his electronic capacities are. The track that feels spacious and quite repetitive manages to find a sweet spot in both our body and mind to the point that when it ends we had already taken it for granted: if it wasn’t the replay button and we would be doomed.

Urchin feat. Alyss – Silent People

Leo Appleyard is a musician and producer from South-West London, releasing music under the name Urchin. What was originally an ambitious 8-piece band that performed at the London Jazz Festival and venues around London, Urchin now represents the sonic output forged in a secluded island studio, once home to the Spice Girls in the early 90s. 

In 2018, Leo took a break from life as gigging musician and escaped to the progressive music scene of Melbourne, Australia. Resonating to influences like Bonobo, Maribou State and the Cinematic Orchestra he is now releasing new music with an incredible flow of productivity. One of those songs was “Silent People“, released together with Alyss – another UK-based act -. A product of lockdown these moody, warped guitars infused mix also bring provocative vocals/lyrics which grant them great reviews from important acts like Jamie Lidell and Annie Mac.

Tadulka – I Can Feel It

For Tadulka, a techno DJ, producer and “fucker” from the Czech Republic, music is the answer. It has it written all over the place. His latest track entitled “I Can Feel It” is described as “a forbidden track from my drawer” and one that feels both clubbing and with a serious approach in terms of lyrical value. There are Tron-like elements and a lot of tasteful vocal elements in what is a product with a lot of layers and depth that easily transcends the techno genre in a clear pop zone.

Yzu – Cosm (demo)

We can’t find much information on American producer Yzu, but his first track, “Cosm (demo)”, has certainly blessed our ears. It’s soft and endearing while, in the middle of a locked sentimental groove, space and time find themselves becoming a single entity split by silky smooth drum machines, ethereal dreamy synths, and some of the softest lo-fi ambience you’ll be able to hear in the near future. If this is a “demo”, what do Yzu’s finished products sound like? We can’t wait to find out, to be honest.

Most of these tracks (and previous tracks featured in Electromental) are also in our Spotify Playlist: