nothhingspecial – find me at the bottom of the ocean

At the bottom of the ocean or at the top of our new discoveries, meet nothhingspecial.

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There are certain tracks we listen to and know something special is happening. That’s what is all about “find me at the bottom of the ocean“, a brutal and (too-)short song that is both brutally honest, melancholic, and obsessively magic.

This is the latest track from nothhingspecial who presents herself by saying “I’m just here to make you feel something“. Starting with a very driven drum-guitar base that immediately hooked us, the deep vocal elements work as a second bass dimension and at the same time as the main driving force in the spirit of the track. There are evident similarities with both The XX and Daughter, and by establishing that comparison we mean it in the best way possible: as a brutal compliment.

The track has only two minutes but so many things to feel obsessed with that we don’t quite know how to review it, feeling we could write a different review almost every time we listen to it (and trust me when I say there were much more than 10 times in half an hour). The brutal lyrics are straight to the point and evidence of the writer and singer’s capability of going deep with her feelings as she goes deep in the acoustic-electric guitar too. There is also the gorgeous transition where we listen to her voice literally in water deep and the way it ends with “Bet you never thought it could get so deep“. Just perfection.

The track is part of nothhingspecial debut EP released last year entitled “somewhere we don’t know” an EP we now certainly feel we should have discovered earlier and are glad the time is yet now.

Additionally, and already this year she also released the marvellous “If I could I would“, a less dark track that still evidences the perfect dark composition and silky dark vocals she puts in all she releases. Gorgeous all around and very catchy in the chorus, there is always a light that never goes dark in the back guitar composition and driving drums that appear in key moments.

About nothhingspecial:

Chrissie is the name behind the project. A 20-year-old singer-songwriter based in Germany who writes, records and produces all her music from her small apartment.

I hope you can make some great memories with my songs and find your own place in this chaotic, crazy world we live in. Music has always given me a feeling of being part of something greater, something bigger and I hope I can give you some of that. I hope my music makes you feel something“. 

When I was 12, my sister showed me bands like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and La Dispute. I was totally enthusiastic and since then I listened to everything I could find in this direction and really inhaled it. I remember being a huge Twenty-One Pilots fan when I was 14 (and still am) and their music touched me in a whole new, different way that I had never experienced before. They were known for encouraging other people to transform their own feelings and thoughts into something new, to create something new and make sense of it. So, as a 14-year-old, pretty insecure and disoriented person, I sat down at my keyboard and started writing my first instrumental. At that moment, it just “clicked” and I felt something that I had never felt like that before. It felt like my body was flooded from the inside with sun rays and goosebumps at the same time. It was one of the most precious moments of my life and a sign to me that I absolutely had to keep doing this.”

She taught herself to sing, play bass, guitar and drums, and to produce and write her own music finding something she felt obsessed with in the whole process.

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