Takykardia – L’enfant de fon enfant sauvage

Experimental dancing amid personal challenges.


Takykardia (no, not the medical term) comes straight from Denmark to bend genres. They don’t have boxes where they fit, yet their sound is luscious, and adventurous, a constant play of surprise of where they might go next. In 2021, the trio made up of Luna Matz, the charismatic front-woman of the group, David Nedergaard, and Troels Dankertthey, were nominated as Hope of the Year at The Danish Music Critiques’ Awards, and in 2022 they returned in full force to their creative endeavours.

Their latest single, “L’enfant de fon enfant sauvage” (in English, it means something similar to “The child of your wild child'”) is a wild track. First, and be foremost, is an experimental dance tune, incorporating elements of trap, electronic pop and trance music into their tachycardia sonic universe, where dancing is the primary motto of living, Luna’s vocals entrancing us deeply in their world.

Secondly, the track is a deeply personal affair, as Luna Matz explains. “‘L’enfant de ton enfant sauvage’ is a goodbye to my French grandmother who died in France in December 2020. Due to the lockdown in both Denmark and France, I could not come to France and say goodbye to her or attend her funeral. In the months following her death, I only listened to French music, binge-watched Netflix in French, and even began reading Harry Potter in French. It occurred to me that I really needed some sort of farewell ritual and decided to make one together with David and Troels. So this maxi-single is my adieu to my grandmother.

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