The Jürgen Clubs – Shiver

Everything is perfect in The Jürgen Clubs' latest release, Shiver.

I love the surprise effect feeling above all. Especially for me, a musician and composer, the unexpected warming wave of a new freshly discovered song is one of the most important things keeping me on the chase.

That is why I had to write about this piece. It is one of those songs able enough to stand up the hairs on my back for the first couple of seconds. Powerful yet light, fast but touching, aerial yet grounded: Everything is perfect in The Jürgen Clubs‘ latest release, Shiver.

This danish act was formed in 2021 by Magnus Grilstad, the brothers Victor and Julius Schack and Sebastian Toft and with it, the jacuzzi rock was born as well, as Magnus explains: “For us, ‘Jacuzzi’ equals relaxation, sun, warmth, palm trees, inflatable swimming animals, and, not least, a holiday. You don’t take yourself so seriously when you’re on holiday. You slow down the parades, meet new people and drink an extra cocktail that brings out all your emotions along with the embarrassing and awkward stories. And exactly this is in many ways the epitome of The Jürgen Clubs – hence ‘Jacuzzi’ “.

After the powerful and colourful debut track You Never Take Me Anywhere, James, Shiver comes with a strong and sincere rock energy, something between the best indie pop from the 2000s and the trippy post-punk from the 90s, sounding both highly hypnotic and liberating.

Full of duality, Shiver is a pleasant, enjoyable surprise with an uplifting form and a heavy subject. The singer Magnus told us: “Shiver roams around a relationship I was in, but it’s something I think a lot of people have experienced at some point. It’s where one part has given up and has smashed the exit button, leaving the relationship and the other part is surprised when the other part doesn’t feel like you have given it ‘the old college try’. I bailed on this relationship after a few months and my partner were sure we we’re gonna fight for the relationship a bit longer, but I just couldn’t see this going well.

The band is now working on new singles and I’m sure 2023 will be an exciting year for The Jürgen Clubs. Oh, and after this lovely surprise that got me shivering, I’ll definitely be a part of their fandom from now on!

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