Mirror Figure – Initial Thought

Music HAS to be fun!

“Music should be fun.” That’s the idea that inspired Los Angeles based indie rock duo Mirror Figure. Formed in the summer of 2021, Ray Libby and Kaycie Satterfield chase the feelings that initially drew them to music in the first place, crafting a batch of dreamy yet driving songs. The duo combine a punchy rhythm section with shimmering guitars and infectious melodies to tell stories of love, heartbreak, and the beautiful mundanity of everyday life.

About Initial Thought, their latest released track, Mirror Figure says : “Initial Thought was the first song we wrote that really stuck. I remember we had been writing a few songs here and there, and when Initial Thought came together, it was a moment of clarity, and we were able to better see what this project wanted to be. The guitar line, with the rocking bass and drums felt pretty characteristic of what we wanted to accomplish. I think I was trying to channel some of The Cure’s magic, and make a song that was both fun and morose. The story is basically about someone who has grown so accustomed to a sub-par relationship, that they’ve tricked themself into believing they enjoy the conditions. But in a fun sing along kind of way!

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