L’Impératrice & Rejjie Snow – Everything Eventually Ends

A surprise, yet fitting, collaboration.

L'Impératrice & Rejjie Snow

L’Impératrice are incredible. Their 2021 record, Tako Tsubo, was a collection of groovy tunes that paid homage to everything from their fellow french alumni Daft Punk – who 100% feel like L’Impératrice tutors and teachers – to Japanese jazz and city pop. Rejjie Snow, coming from Ireland, is one of the smoothest rappers in the game, his flow endlessly drifting across some of the silkiest beats out there – just listen to Dear Annie to confirm that. When they come together into a track, one thing can be expected: fireworks.

“Everything Eventually Ends” is a surprise collaboration between the Paris sextet and the Irish rapper, yet one that feels right at the same time. Both Rejjie and L’Impératrice find a commonplace in their explorations of silky smooth grooves. Rejjie’s flow falls perfectly in line with L’Imperátrice’s groove, but it’s Flore Benguigui’s voice who flies above in the chorus, stealing the show (as she usually does). It all fits, it all aligns – and “Everything Eventually Ends” is a gorgeous track that, sadly, ends.

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