Mazey Haze – The Weight of the Weekend

Pushing dream pop into brand new cosmos, this is Mazey Haze's latest.

Mazey Haze

Welcome to the dreamy, spacey world, of Nadine Appeldoorn aka Mazey Haze. Firstly, she introduced us to it on her great debut EP, Always Dancing, a collection of fine dream pop-infused tunes that made us partly dream, partly dance. Now, she’s pushing it further ahead, her new tune – “The Weight of the Weekend” – revealing to us more of the nooks and crannies of her macrocosm.

On “The Weight of the Weekend”, Mazey Haze places her dream pop à la Hatchie centrefold, but surrounding it, she pulls influence from French New Wave, Italian film scores, and 60’s psychedelia, all wrapped in a tightly sealed pop package that doesn’t stop enticing us. It’s all very pretty and dreamy – that’s for sure -, but in the end, it all seems real – at least, that’s what Mazey seems to want to make us think.

Speaking more on the lyrical inspiration of “The Weight of the Weekend”, Mazey Haze said: “This song is about me trying to figure out for myself how to connect with people and wanting to get rid of the part of me that holds me back from being free. Thinking about my childhood, myself and people in general. I find it hard to connect with myself and others, want to know why and how to improve. In this song, you could say I’m talking to myself, to certain people around me and to the particular voice in my head that refuses to give me real peace and pride in anything I do.”

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