Weltschmerzdigest – Flat Earth

Weltschmerzdigest is a project of Pavel Doronin, an Irish-based producer of Russian origin who has been producing electronic and indie-pop music under various aliases since 2005. Weltschmerzdigest is literally translated from German as “the digest of the world-weariness” and exploits the philosophical term Weltschmerz, defined as “a mood of weariness or sadness about life arising from the acute awareness of evil and suffering“. The idea of the musical project is to reflect this concept in the music by touching topics like relativity of time, ethics of deepfakes, conspiracy theories, cyberstalking, the role of media in education, 

The new Weltschmerzdigest’s song Flat Earth offers a creative approach to dealing with conspiracy theories and odd ideas. Doronin comments: “Weird conspiracy theories are a part of the modern world. If we have to deal with them, let’s give them an innocuous twist. So, if someone thinks the Earth is flat, okay. It’s flat, and it has a form of a disk, and this disk is spinning and playing my song.

The Flat Earth video extends its sarcastic message by first showing the planet’s flatness as prints of aerial maps and then evolves the sarcasm with origami figures made from these prints. The origami figures picture the Earth’s history milestones from dinosaurs to oil rigs. The video also expands the song lyrics about the disk form of the Earth with a visual representation.

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