Death Lens – Not Impressed

Punk with a goal!

Death Lens is vocalist Bryan Torres, guitarist/ backing vocalist John Reyes, bassist Ed Contreras, and guitarist Matt Silva. This East LA band has been at it for several years with an ever-growing fan base as evidenced by being one of the most played bands on SiriusXM Faction Punk. They have a split EP with The Frights and played shows with Together PangeaEnjoyCherry GlazzerSad Girl and more.

During initial lockdown and protests against racist and police violence, Death Lens scrapped what they had in terms of their next album. With No Luck, they made sure that “there was a light at the end of the tunnel” as they delved into these traumas and hardships that define so many lives. Death Lens is part of the movement defined by positivity and strive to be a light for their communities, their fans and each other.

Regarding this banger, the band says:

Not Impressed is our ‘fuck you’ anthem to those who wanted to put us down while we were trying to get up. It’s the spark that lit the powder keg and allowed us to start writing No Luck. We were being called washed out, burnouts, within the music community. We took that anger and used it as fuel to write this anthem, to let it ring through Los Angeles in hopes that it would reach those who didn’t believe in us. And let me tell you, it did. So this song is for those who feel like they can’t achieve what they want because there are others trying to bring them down. Trust me, you can do whatever you want, use this song as fuel and tell those haters to fuck off.

About Death Lens: