Bliss Nova feat Brijean – Feel so High

A nice way to get you high!

Bliss Nova began as a tentative side project for Daniel and Joel Trzcinski, siblings from Toledo, OH. They had been the backing band for a singer/songwriter whose health issues put the project on indefinite hiatus. Without so much as a name, the sonic direction only became clear with Daniel’s initial bedroom demos — lofi melodic pop with samples and softsynths. Adding Joel’s dynamic drumming to the mix, the songs were released as their 2015 debut EP, Do You Feel, which quickly garnered traction on indie blogs as well as chillwave-adjacent channels like Youtube’s 80s Ladies.

With “Feel So High“, the first of a few soon-coming singles, Bliss Nova cinches up their dreamy danceable pop for an in-the-pocket number with as much poise as passion. Ghostly artist Brijean (Toro y Moi, Poolside) and her bassist/partner Dougie Stu contributed vocals, percussion, and bass.

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