Fonteray – Sunshine

Nostalgic cummer feelings or groovy new starts, meet Fonteray, your new favourite pop groover.

Fonteray Where the Music Meets

Perfect for the day we have today in Lisbon is Fonteray‘s latest track which incorporates the title as a real sonority. “Sunshine” is 4th ever release and a beautiful blend of alternative pop with indie RnB portions and electronic feels.

Sunshine” feels retro in the way it incorporates 80’s-like elements that easily remind us of Pet Shop Boys, and is modern in the way the track drives us immediately into easy dancing and easy identification with the lyrical meaning. Groovy and easy for chilling and relaxing environments, it’s in the chorus vocals where it shines the most, with a clear evolution of a gorgeous falsetto that finds a home in the gorgeous quirky instrumental organ that follows.

Furthermore, the way the song is built for several plays only turns into a more contagious track. The more you listen to it the more familiar it will sound and the more of a feeling it will transmit. Easily one of the most engaging songs we heard all year. And all this is achieved with a kind of vocal elements that always feel chilling at their our very own pace and personality.

About Fonteray:

Fonteray Where the Music Meets

We’ve talked about Fonteray before at the end of 2021 but this might be his best song yet. The new project from Australian artist Drew McCarty is all about making friendly psychedelic vibes that go from that indie-dancing feeling to bagging catchy flavours and a general good fell sensation present in acts such as the ones by  Toro Y MoiJungle or Washed Out.

Previous tracks include “Floating Through My Head” already feature here at WtMM, or “Stay Close” a groovy intro for Fonteray mastercraft where we feel a constant soft evolution until an eventual sick-sounding pop-rave hits us in the chorus. This track also features an enchanting video with bags of cinematic feel.

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